George Leclerc,  received a certificate for his outstanding work over the years on the WMDA wood duck box project. 

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Wood Duck Box plans

If you want to try to build a Wood duck nesting box, here are the plans. Please remember to place your box high enough for flood waters and don't forget to fill it with fresh wood chips each year. Always make sure to  record where they are located.

Raccoons can chew their way into a box. You can add

an extra face plate as shown.

Wood Duck Box Project

Building, putting out, and servicing Boxes

Through an extensive effort WMDH's volunteers  have an ever increasing Wood Duck Box Nesting Program. We have built and placed hundreds of boxes in locations all over the State.  This project goes back over 30 years, and we are still actively building them to this day. Just recently we built 24 new boxes with a new type of opening for servicing them.

Servicing the boxes before the nesting flocks return  entails cleaning out old chips and egg shells in the box and replacing them with new wood chip shavings.

The ducks like a clean box. We also take a count of the amount of hatched eggs and records of our successes are forwarded over to our State Waterfowl Biologist.  

Each year in addition to servicing and putting out the boxes ourselves, we have various club gatherings to build, put out, then service the boxes. These events are followed with a grilled lunch and much camaraderie.

For our efforts WMDH was awarded a  prestigious plaque by the Mass. Division of F&W for Outstanding Conservation Efforts.  We also received  from "Ducks Unlimited," a "Conservation Service Award" for "Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Migratory Waterfowl Conservation of North America's Waterfowl Heritage for Generations to Come."