Below are some photos of our booth from years past:

Henry Tenczar and Charlie Bates working our new duck call display.

Bill Santos and Charlie Bates during a slow period on Sunday.

Notice all the empty spots on the decoy shelves, almost a sell out!

(click on images to enlarge)

Our best year ever with fundraising!

Former club President Kenin Strout's daughter Julianna, who was crowned Miss Massachusetts that year, is selling raffle tickets for us at our booth. She sold more tickets than in recorded WMDH's history! ( Notice the almost full bucket of tickets and Founding Father of the club, the late "Buffalo" Borchers, as he counts the windfall. )

The West Springfield

Sportsmen's Show

Each year the W.M.D.H Association rallies to participate in the Springfield Sportsmen's Show that takes place in the off season around mid February.

Each year we decide what we are going to do new for the show. It's always a challenge to plan and set up a professional looking booth with a new theme.

This year we were in the new Stroh "Events" building and listed as an "Old time duck hunting display."  In addition to our used decoy and sporting items tag sale, the new theme for the show was an old style duck hunting boat on display to commemorate our 40th Anniversary. We also featured dozens of older duck calls for sale and that was a big hit.     See photos below: