Western Mass. Duck Hunter's Association will hold their first meeting in over a year on Tuesday August 3rd in the basement of the Congregational Church Building on Broad St. in Westfield.  It is less than a mile from the Slovak Club.

It is a two story brick building near the town square. (Check your newsletter for images of the entry door.) To the south of this door is the Broad St. Fire Station. There is some parking next to the entrance door and plenty of parking in Stop and Shop's lot.

Meeting Room: WMDH's has rented this meeting room for 3 months for $25 per month. I believe this is the only time we have been charged rent in any of our meeting places. We will try this for three months and if nothing better becomes available this will be our meeting place for awhile. We were lucky to get this place as just about every day of the week this room is rented by other organizations. Kenin Strout gets the credit for finding this spot.

Food and Drink: Bad news, there is no food or drink and alcohol is not allowed in the building.
                             Good news: We're less than 100 yards from Stop+Shop which has everything for snacks.

Meeting Time: In the past our meetings started at 7:30. There has been a request to start earlier, so 7:00 pm will be the new start time.