New!WMDH's is looking for new members.

If you know anyone that might be interested have them check out our web For every three new members we sign up between November 8 and our January 2 meeting we will draw one name for a $25 Cabela's gift card.
Mail in an application along with a check and the new member will be entered in the drawing.

Charlie Bates won the Facebook contest below:

WMDH's is running a free drawing for a $25 Cabela's gift card.Post a picture of "something to do with this hunting season" in our WMDH's Group Facebook Page between November 8 and December 5, 2017. One name will be drawn from the members that posted at least one picture during that time and that person will win a Cabela's $25 gift card.
If you haven't already joined our Group page you'll need a Facebook account (it's free) and then go to:

Click on "Join" at the bottom of the waterfowl scene and within a day or two Mike Roberts will validate your membership and you'll be able to post pictures and comments on our Group page.


Biggest Goose Contest
Our annual contest will be held on Tuesday September 5th which is the opening day of the early goose season.
The rules are simple: Pay your $5 entry fee before Labor Day September 4th.
Shoot a goose on the 5th and bring it to the weigh-in at the Slovak Club before the meeting starts.
The member with the heaviest goose will be the winner and collect 80% of the entry money.
One name from all the entrants (except the biggest goose contest winner) will be drawn and receive 20% of the entry money.
One name from all the entrants will be drawn for a $25 Cabela’s gift card.

Band Contest:
Another activity that we hold every year is the Duck/Goose Band Contest. This contest starts with the opening of the early goose season and ends with the close of the late goose season in February.
Rules are pretty simple: Pay your $5 entry fee before the September meeting, shoot a banded bird, and turn in the certificate by the March 2018 meeting.
At the March 2018 meeting a name will be drawn from all the band entries and that member will receive 80% of the pool.
One name from all the entrants (except the Band Contest winner) will be drawn and win 20% of the pool.
One name from all the entrants will be drawn for a $25 Cabela’s gift card.

WMDH's opening day Oct 10, 2017 Berkshire zone waterfowl contest!

Contest rules: The person who bags the most types of waterfowl species, (ducks and geese only,) will win a $25 gift certificate. Ties split.

Simply take a picture of your different variety of ducks and geese and send to Ed Snyder at:    /  or Charlie at

Contest winners will be selected at the Nov 10th meeting. This is a great way to get some new photos posted on our website too!

Charlie Bates was the winner of the WMDH's "biggest goose contest" with a 9 pounder


HenryTenzar won the Berkshire season opener with the most types of ducks in the contest below with a drake woodie and a mallard.